Friday, January 25, 2008

New Year

It's been so long since I've written and so much has happened. My dad remarried and is very happy, though he has been diagnosed with cancer (the doctor assures he'll die with cancer, not of cancer). My daughter married her sweetheart and the father of her baby. My son went off to the Culinary Institute and has been home on two separate occasions. My daughter gave birth to a baby boy. I found a friend I lost, and I lost a friend and will never find her again (it's sad how divorce makes EVERYONE choose sides). I've discovered that my sweetheart and business partner is not good at managing business but he's great at many other things. My son is having a difficult time at school right now and my daughter is visiting with the baby. Dick's daughter is in China picking up her new adopted daughter and his other daughter and family are in Disney World picking up Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The Ashton Country House is a lot of fun but draining on many levels. The barn renovations have halted until funds can be found and I'm just taking everything one minute at a time. Happy New Year People!