Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's laziness does not become me. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish, yet I sat here engrossed in past episodes of NCIS all day long. My infatuation with Gibbs grows with each episode. I don't know if it's because he is so damn sexy or if it's because he plays a damn sexy retired Marine. Either way, damn sexy is the only way to describe him, no doubt about it. And my daughter agrees with me. Is it sick when a mother and daughter have a crush on the same actor? Let's hope not because I don't see either one of us backing down on this one.
She can't stand Ziva but I adore her. Her character has grown a lot since she began in this show. Why Bub doesn't like her is beyond me. I love a tough woman who doesn't put up with any one's garbage. I wish I were more like that character, though I cannot visualize myself as an assassin, at least not in this life.
Both my kids think McGee has lost too much weight but I think he looks great if not just a tidge skinny. I'm sure it was hard work, as he was a bit pudgy, but this new McGee is quite sexy in his own way. He's almost as handsome as DiNozzo, and in some ways more so because he's a sensitive, intelligent individual.
None of us like the new Director. He's a pain in the butt, yet we didn't like his predecessor either. I must have missed the episode that fully explained his background, but he's definitely not a Marine or a midshipman. Guess I'll have to wait for that one to find out since no one in my family will or can tell me.
Well, another episode has begun. I have my glass of wine and my bowl of snacks so I'm good for another hour. Okay Gibbs, give me all you've got!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung?

As March prepares to end, it takes with it the warm and spring-like weather that it introduced in the middle of the month and gives us a drop in temperature and snow showers....yes snow showers. Inclement winter weather seems to be trudging across the US, making its last hoorah and threatening our cherry blossom festival before saying a final farewell. Thank the stars above that I did NOT put away my sweaters for, according to the week ahead, I will definitely need them.

As I read the blogs of friends and family to the south, I am reminded once again of the depth of my love for the lowcountry of South Carolina, and my wish to return to its warm embrace. I miss the smell of the pluffmud, that salty sulfur odor of Beaufort that mixes with the seasons. Right now, as pollen is blanketing everything in a pale yellow hue and the flora has opened her rainbow of brilliance in the yards and gardens across the area, it combines with the smell of these plants and beckons to me to return. Alas, I have obligations here which I must meet as well as goals to accomplish before starting a new phase of my life....but I can dream and wish.