Sunday, May 1, 2011

A new wine discovery

Being an employee of the Cost Plus World Market, I am able to explore a wide variety of wines, some good, some bad, some worse, but some most extraordinary. That is the bottle I opened this evening. I know why it is called Cashmere for that is exactly what it invokes as it is savoured upon the pallet. A smooth, dark, rich, luxurious drink that melts down the throat filling the nose and mouth with deliciousness. But allow me to start at the beginning.

My boss talked me into this saying it was her absolute favorite wine. Being an Explorer member, I was able to purchase the $15 bottle of wine for $12. Because Cindi could not say enough good about it, I bought two bottles in the hopes that our tastes melded. If it ended up being a bust, I could always cook with it, right? So, as I have the day off tomorrow, I decided to try it this evening.

I opened the bottle and let it breathe for a half an hour, drooling in anticipation as the aroma teased my senses. Borrowing Kyle's bordeaux glass, I filled the crystal's globe with the deep burgundy liquid. The color reached the outer circle, bringing the depth all the way to the glass.

I gently swirled the crystal in my hand and the body of the wine filled my nose. The aromas of dark fruits and tobacco first filled my head making my mouth water in anticipation. Then there was a slight hint of something familiar but just beyond my grasp. I rested then dipped my nose into the glass once again, hoping to identify this mysterious, just a touch of mint. What an incredible experience; I just had to keep breathing it in making sure my nose and mind were in tune. Yes, mint. My mouth watered more.

Bringing the cold glass to my lips I gently tilted it upward. My mouth filled with the cold liquid which I held upon my tongue for an extended period of time before swallowing. There was no after shock, no knghha that can take the back of the throat and the nose by surprise as the tannins fill them. There was the slight taste of raspberries and cherries. The sides of my tongue perked up as the slight taste of mint brushed past the taste buds there. And the aftertaste was slightly floral. But everything was dark, smooth, velvety soft, and I fell in love!

I have savoured half of the bottle already and am surprised at its continued deliciousness. Coffee has made itself known as well, and these flavours are combined to create heaven. If you have not yet experienced Cline's Cashmere, I would highly suggest opening a bottle and sharing it with someone you love.