Sunday, July 14, 2013

A day at the beach!

"Is the water cold, Mikey?"
"N-n-n-n-n-n-o" he says stuttering from the cold.  He was afraid I would make him get out of the water....imagine that!

The weather was beautiful; warm but not hot, a slight breeze and a few clouds.  There weren't many people at the beach so we had a pick of the land.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the umbrella to stay upright, but who needs an umbrella on such a perfect day. Sunscreen applied and to the ocean we went.  Mikey jumped right in but I was cautious and for good reason; that ocean water was FREEZING!  What's with the ocean in New Jersey!?

Once we swam it was time to warm up a bit so we built sand castles and dug holes.  Mikey buried himself which meant it was time to go back into the ocean to get all that sand out of his bathing suit.  He made a friend with a boy named Brandon and they played a long time in the surf with boats and their imaginations.  Brandon kept yelling....if I don't make it back from this mission, tell my wife I love her.  Of course Mikey had to copy him....

Three hours at the ocean was enough for Mimi so we cleaned up our stuff, rinsed off at the spigot and went and played putt-putt golf.  Another new adventure.  Mikey said he'd never played before, but he was pretty good at it.  There were 20 holes and a little girl and her dad were about four holes in front of us.  They were taking the game VERY seriously while we were just having fun.  Luckily they allowed us to pass them or we'd still be at the dang course. 

After putt-putt we went to the big playground.  Unfortunately, the slides were hot so Mikey didn't go down them.  But he climbed the "rock wall" and went up and down the hills and the ladders and had a good time.  We stayed there about a 1/2 hour then got ice cream which melted all over us.

There's nothing like a day at the beach with a sticky 5 year old.  I cant wait to do it again!!!!