Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spent the day yesterday at Monmouth Race Track.  I haven't seen horse racing in years and really enjoyed the day.  Won $25 the first bet and played on that until we left.  Of course I lost it all, but who cares, it was fun placing two dollar bets and reading the funny names of the horses.

I did notice that most of the people there were my age and above so it makes me wonder how much longer horse racing will be around.  The younger generations look at it, I think, as cruelty to animals, but after watching these horses up close, they seem to love the run.  The day was perfect, in the 80's and sunny.  Maybe the youth was at the beach instead of the racetrack as it is right down the road!

So we began at the restaurant behind those windows on the left.  My first horse, Divine Child, had middle of the road statistics but I liked the name and the horse was beautiful so I placed my bet.  Luckily I had a very nice woman help me with that!  The excitement in the restaurant was palpable as the race began.  My horse was way in back, or seemed way in back until the back stretch when the jockey let him have his lead and man he ran.  That horse ran so fast he left the others in the dust.  The table behind us were betting on the same horse because they started yelling, and I started yelling and pretty soon we were all jumping up and down.  I think I won two other races but none was as exciting as that first time.

My favorite part of the entire day was getting to pet the horses.  I am bringing peppermints and carrots next time I go to a raceway.  Angelo said Saratoga is beautiful so maybe will go there next.  Me, I would love that, but petting the horses and giving them treats is the best part of the experience.  Thank you Angelo for such a wonderful birthday present.!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Since Mikey went home life has been somewhat dull.  There was the excitement of a stroke that Angelo had the day before Mikey and I got home.  Yes, that's just the kind of excitement that I can live without, thank you very much.  Then, last week, Angelo's knee stopped working and he fell.... one day!  Went out and bought him a cane and a knee brace.  Thank goodness he starts physical therapy next week. 

Last weekend we took a side trip to Lititz, PA where I went to boarding school.  The campus is absolutely beautiful.  I understand an interim headmaster is coming in this year.  Hope he does something with the alumnae association that went defunct with the last headmaster....I guess he didn't like graduates coming back and asking questions or trying to have a say in the running of the school... not that THAT actually happened....I'm just guessing.  BTW, if you are looking for some good Dutch fare in the Lancaster County area you are out of luck.  There are NO dutch restaurants that we could find.  Very disappointing....

I head to the beach with the Bub and the kids next week.  On a good note Big Mike has signed all the papers and the divorce should be final soon.  It's up to the lawyer and the judge now.  Sad that the marriage fell apart, but understandable considering everything from their diverse background to their ideas on raising children.  We are all happy that Mike signed it without a fuss or an argument as he has been against the divorce since day one.  On a good note, Bub will not be stressed because of it, so the vacation should be less stressful....but how stress-less can it actually be with a five and a three year old?

Speaking of vacations, Australia on October 29th.  I should arrive there the 30th and get home the 15th....CANNOT WAIT TO GET TO THE LAND DOWN UNDER!!!  I could not have done this without the help of my bestest bestie, Tezza.  Of course she's who I am going to see.  It should be a great visit!

So that's the last three weeks in nutshell.  Not feeling the creative juices flowing lately....not good.  Maybe a little wine is needed.  Trying to lose weight I have given up partaking of such things.  But I might stray from the path today......