Friday, October 11, 2013

I spent the last week working in Angelo's office.  The desk is situated so that I can look out of the window at the beautiful fall foliage, see the neighbors walking their dogs, watch the cars drive by, or enjoy the frolicking of the squirrels as they gather nuts for winter.  Another little critter decided to make its appearance as well, a cute little chipmunk...but this guy was devious.

As the squirrel would gather an acorn, he would come to the garden and bury it.  Once he was off to look for another one, the chipmunk would scurry out from under the porch, dig up the nut, and escape.  The squirrel would return with another nut and bury it.  And, once again, the chipmunk would steal it.  This happened three or four more times before the squirrel realized that the nuts he'd buried were no longer there.  And, of course, I was snickering at the strange conundrum that the squirrel was facing.  You could see the confusion on his face....the "what the hell happened to my nuts?" question as he scurried around the garden looking for his stash.

And they say squirrels forget where they buried their nuts....well I have news for those who say that.  It's the chipmunks!  Yeah, these little devils sort of remind me of my children when they were younger.