Monday, September 9, 2013

It amazes me to no end what driver's do when behind the wheel.  It's bad enough talking on the telephone....and using your hands for emphasis.  Texting instead of watching the road is extremely dangerous, and one of my pet peeves.  But in the last week, I have seen drivers doing the most unusual things.

First I saw a woman plucking her eyebrows.  Now tell me this, would you feel comfortable driving down the street with a very sharp object near your eye?  The other morning I watched as a man ate his breakfast....cereal and milk in a bowl.  Then there was the woman who had the dog strapped into the front seat while the children, not in car seats, were not using a safety belt at all.  Of course the mother was strapped in....probably didn't like the incessant dinging of the seat belt alarm.  Then there was the guy who was so intent on shaving his face, he sat through the green light, even with the horns honking all around him.

But what I saw today took the cake.  She was driving a Lexus, one of the smaller, sporty models.  Her hair was perfectly coiffed and she had manicured fingers (her toes probably matched but I couldn't see them).  She was a very attractive woman who was watching the road and shuffling through, what I can only assume was her bag.  She pulls out a magnified mirror.  I know this because, while we were at a stop she flashed it at me, almost blinding me with the sunlight.  She was scrambling in her bag for something else.  Well, she pulls out these rather large shears like sewing scissors.  The light turns green and she eases forward then proceeds to trim her nose hair.  Of course she's only going 2 miles an hour.  I passed her and she never looked up from her mirror, intent on cleaning the forest from her proboscis.  For all I know she's still on the Princeton/Hightstown Road mowing the nasal lawn.


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Institute for Internet Safety said...

Oh, it simply shows that they are not educated enough about driving rules and safety. Glad that nothing bad happened. Hope they will learn their lesson soon.

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