Thursday, May 30, 2013

Went outside to water my plants and I found something special in my begonias.  I didn't see the bird anywhere and I know this wasn't there yesterday.  I don't know much about birds and their eggs, but shouldn't these have a grown up sitting on them and keeping them warm?  I almost hope it has been abandoned as I have a cat who loves to torture smaller animals.  He's outside in the back right now.  Luckily the cat is terrified of other animals his size and bigger so he's pretty much staying put away from the begonia's and hiding out back as the warm weather has brought out everyone and they all seem to be walking down our street.  Whatever is going on with the nest, I will keep my eye on it and try to keep the cat away from it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's been a busy month so far.  Went down to visit the younger sister in Baltimore, and the daughter and grands in Virginia.  My older sister came up north for business but stayed with me (we had a great time)!  Still desperately trying to lose weight and am stuck at 189 pounds, but I'm still walking and dieting!  But what's really kept me busy and away from my blog is my writing.  I'm back to writing my book and the words are flowing.  How great that feels!  The story line is coming together, the premise is set, the characters have been molded and life is getting in the way of my creativity.  All things are good!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Having a wonderful time visiting my daughter and my grandsons.  Unfortunately, a couple night's ago Tommy was at his dad's house and came home with a HUGE forehead.  Bub took him to the emergency room where they discovered that he was having a topical reaction to something such as newly cut grass.  They were gone for three hours which isn't so bad, considering.  In the meantime Mikey and I occupied our time with stories and books, this one being one of my favorites.  It's a Hawaiian version of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.  When the first little pig bought straw to make a house, my five year old grandson says to me "who in their right mind would build a house of straw?"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Delacroix can be found at The Walter's Art Museum.  It was purchased by Willam T. Walters on May 9, 1883.  Not a particularly well known Delacroix but my sister's favorite.  I spent part of this past weekend with her and art is her passion.  She has a job that she loves at a Museum she respects, is surrounded by friends, and rubs elbows with some of the East Coast's elite.  I know my mother would be so proud of her, for she has become exactly what she planned to be.  Hat's off to you woman, you rock!